Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rich Pellegrino's "Royal Tenenbaums" Art Print

I probably should have posted this yesterday, since my Pellegrino contest just finished, but I was kind of drowning in work, so today it is. There's something about Pellegrino's paintings and prints that I just get lost in, and his Royal Tenebaums art print is no different.

Royal Tenenbaums Art Print
Rich Pellegrino
18" x 20" (image size 17.5" x 17.5")
$50 - Limited to 200

First things first, I love the fact that instead of just being a single Pellegrino painting, we get NINE of the buggers - that's kind of amazing. Another awesome element in Pellegrino's pantings? The hazy and ill-defined backgrounds seem to only strengthen the look of the characters and their personalities; the subject and the environment bleed into one another. The layout of this dysfunctional Sudoku grid is also kind of brilliant, as Rich has very wisely chosen to put Royal Tenenbaum (played by Gene Hackman), the man who is connected to all of these people, in the middle. I really hope Pellegrino does more of these group prints. They rock!

Rich Pellegrino's Royal Tenenbaums art print is available through the Spoke Art store. The print measures 18" x 20", is limited to 200 and only costs $50. To learn more about Rich Pellegrino head over to and follow @rich_pellegrino. And be sure to visit Spoke Art at, their tumblr and @Spoke_Art. Speaking of Spoke Art, I know this isn't necessarily film related but they've got a pretty cool group show that started tonight featuring a bunch of great artists like Craww and Handiedan. So in addition to picking up this must-have Tenenbaums piece I highly recommend you check out the Spoke Art store tomorrow (9/2) at around 2 PM PDT for some exciting new releases.

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