Thursday, June 23, 2011

Martin Ansin's "Cronos" Movie Posters

UPDATE: All sold out. It's been refreshing having Mondo posters on sale for longer than 30 seconds. Let's keep it up!

I've been holding back this post because I wanted it differentiated from Horkey and Zouravliov's fantastic The Devil's Backbone prints, but now that the release date is almost upon us it's time to talk about Martin Ansin's beautiful Cronos posters. For the uninitiated, Cronos is a Guillermo Del Toro film about an antiques dealer named Jesus who finds a mechanical scarab that provides it's owner with eternal youth, at a very hefty price. It's a great film and happens to be Del Toro's first feature length creation. It's with this knowledge that Ansin's poster carries an even greater importance, because not only is this a celebration of the film that introduced Guillermo Del Toro to the world, but it also marks the end of his Mondo Director's Series (a sad day indeed).

Cronos (Regular)
Martin Ansin
24" x 34"
$45 - Limited to 340

Cronos (Variant)
Martin Ansin
24" x 34"
$65 - Limited to 120

I'm not sure which version I like more, but wow, these posters are gorgeous. The background cogs that make up the life-giving (and stealing) scarab are stunning in their detail and construction, and the jutting mechanical arms/needles represent the very definition of the word "sinister." Adding a bit of levity to the poster's darker tone, it's hard not to smile when seeing Ron Perlman hold up one of his many potential nose job cards - what a wonderful touch. It's posters like these, and pretty much everything Martin does, which begs the question: Why can't Ansin do every Mondo poster? Hyperbole aside, both the regular and variant edition would make striking additions to anyone's collection. And if you haven't seen Cronos and you enjoy the work of Guillermo Del Toro I highly recommend picking it up.

These posters will be available tomorrow (6/24) through Mondo's site at a random time. Strangely, both Cronos posters measure 24" x 34", a rather odd size, but these prints are worth a custom framing in my opinion. The regular version is limited to an edition of 340 and will cost $45, while the variant is limited to an edition of 120 and will cost a slightly steeper $65. If you want to know the moment these posters drop you should definitely be following @MondoNews and if you're a fan of the artist (Ansin is my absolute favorite artist in Mondo's stable) be sure to visit his portfolio at

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