Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tom Whalen's "Steamboat Willie" Movie Poster

Well this is a treat. It seems Mondo has once again forged an insanely awesome relationship with a huge company (Disney). While I'm not over the moon about this poster, I do appreciate what Whalen was able to achieve and am very excited about the possibilities of Mondo posters for films like Snow White, The Lion King and Aladdin!

Steamboat Willie
I really dig Tom Whalen's style. It's clean, it's crisp and it usually has some degree of symmetry; very pleasing to the eye. Whalen did a great job recreating these characters in a slick, but warm style. I love the fact that he was able to include small nostalgic details like the Cinephone reference at the bottom of the frame, but also introduced a modern aesthetic, and ended up creating something timeless. For lovers of classic animation there's really no excuse to not pick one of these beautiful prints up.

The Steamboat Willie poster measures 18" x 24", has been printed with metallic inks, comes in an edition of 200 and will cost $40. The print will be available sometime tomorrow (2/25) at a random time through Mondo's website. Be sure to follow @MondoNews for all the release details and head over to Tom Whalen's online portfolio to see the rest of his artwork.

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