Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gallery 1988's "The Road to Shermer" Art Exhibit

I wasn't able to make it to Friday's "The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes" exhibit at Gallery 1988. Thankfully, the fine folks who organized the show have put up all the remaining prints on the Gallery 1988 website. I've included my favorite prints and why I like them below. The only other requirement I placed on myself when putting this post together, was that the posters had to still be available as of my writing this (note: by the time you're reading today's entry, they might have already sold out).

Save Ferris - Jenna Puente
Jenna Puente's "Save Ferris" art print is a fun and breezy depiction of the Ferris Bueller gang. This kind of reminds me of those animated intros that so many family films had in the late 80s and early 90s - I'm not entirely sure why, it just does. Warning to those who are continuing to read this post - every one of my highlighted prints are inspired by Ferris Bueller's Day Off (there weren't too many prints to choose from and it's definitely my favorite Hughes film).  The "Save Ferris" giclée is available through the Gallery 1988 site, measures 12" x 17", is limited to an edition of 45 and costs $40. You can check out Jenna's portfolio at

The Ferris Bueller's Day Off Board Game - Max Dalton
Holy Jebus, this is awesome! Max Dalton's "The Ferris Buller's Day Off Board Game" basically tracks all of the film's main plot points and puts them in board game form, and it's done brilliantly. My favorite spot on the board:
"You get a table at Chez Quis as Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago. Move forward to field 42."
Gallery 1988 still has several of "The Ferris Buller's Day Off Board Game" prints available for $100 each. The giclée measure 20" x 16" and is limited to an edition of 86 (Bueller came out in 1986). Be sure to check out Max Dalton's portfolio, store and blog if you like his stuff.

Save Ferris - Joey Spiotto
This might be my favorite of the available prints. Joey Spiotto's "Save Ferris" giclée is nerdtastic. Why could this not have been a real game in the 80s?! This is a pretty simple poster, but for anyone who grew up with an NES and a love for the 1986 Hughes classic, it's a must have. Joey also has a great blog, portfolio and store (check out his Firefly prints). If you want one of these amazing prints, you're in luck. The "Save Ferris" giclée costs $30, measures 13" x 19" and is limited to an edition of 15.

To see the rest of the awe-inspiring artwork featured in the "The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes" exhibit head over to Gallery 1988's website. There's some pretty great stuff.

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